Creative Minds. Igniting Solutions.

Ignite Design & Advertising, Inc. is a national full-service advertising agency that offers a suite of marketing, advertising, and interactive solutions. Our award-winning agency provides a variety of specialized services that is committed to meeting clients’ needs with custom marketing tactics as unique and diverse as the audience to which we cater.

From creative production, to media placement, and all the way through the end of the campaign, we track and report. Ignite is immersed in the digital space and employs tactics to capture target audience information which is then used to measure results, report on ROI, re-market, and implement into future marketing endeavors.

Our team understands that the relationship between a target audience and the brand they love is not created by accident. Building a successful brand means developing a trust with the audience that makes them think of your brand first when it matters most.

Despite reality, it is perception that is everything in the minds of your audience. Branding technique can shape these perceptions, but it is an organization’s operations that insure the reality lives up to the brand.

- Chris Wheeler, President/CEO